The underlying ideology of THREE OF SOMETHING is to create clean and effortlessly versatile pieces, whilst surpassing what is expected of fast fashion.

THREE OF SOMETHING is always inspirational, whilst never forgetting about wearability.

The brand features unique exclusive prints, graphics and distinct garments, which all form part of its feminine but edgy aesthetic.

THREE OF SOMETHING is stocked at over 100 top tier doors across Australia.

Together with a strong retail presence and its growing following among the press and blogger community, the label has established a strong brand following since its creation in 2012.


Piper Lane is an Australian fashion label established in 2005 for the beautiful, strong and confident woman.

With a flair for clean, colourful and feminine silhouettes, Piper Lane boasts five of their own destination stores in NSW and releases six collections a year that are tailored to seasonal needs and encompass global trends.

Unique prints and eye catching colours of silk and rayon make each collection as anticipated as the last. The brand offers styles perfectly suited from day to night, dresses for all occasions from weddings to graduations to racing season.

Piper Lane’s commitment to value and quality ensure all individual details and unique designs keep all their loyal customers ahead of the fashion pack dressed impeccably for all occasions.



Since its inception in 2010 the ELLIATT brand has strived to fina a balance between high end quality design and affordability: resulting in chic, playful and designer pieces.

The ELLIATT girl is fashion conscious and covets sleek, sophisticated and on trend investment pieces. She is intelligent, sexy and bold  with a rich social life that calls for a variety of occasion dressing. She looks for beautiful, commercial shapes with cutting edge detailing and for her the ELLIATT brand encapsulates this perfectly.

After debuting in Australian Merceded Benz fasion week, ELLIATT has been followed and worn by high profile bloggers and celebrities and was launched into the United States in 2012.


bluejuice for the 15-25 year old, is the little sister of coveted fashion brand – SEDUCE and is the label that every girl can’t get enough of.

bluejuice takes their inspiration from celebrities, youth culture, music blogs and street fashion. The label is fun, exciting and always showcases the hottest trends and latest styles for the season.

bluejuice is a hub of unique pieces that are commercial and wearable for the younger generation. bluejuice has your wardrobe sorted, all year around, no matter what the occasion.



Cooper St designs for a spirited but feminine individual that wish to express their style with cool confidence.

The Cooper St girl is free spirited and appreciates all things beautiful.

Through a collection inspired by the beauty of life, the Cooper St design aesthetic is a combination of modern edge with a juxtaposition of feminine individuality.


The aim of Ministry of style – Bebe Sydney is to deliver up to the minute fashion trends from around the globe straight into every girls wardrobe.

They do this by trawling the globe in search of the most exciting new pieces, snapping great street style looks, and being inspired by all the cool places they visit. These ideas are then developed and crystallised into the bebe Sydney collections.

Ministry of style- Bebe Sydney is therefore recognised as being a fashion authority in Australia.

Unique fabrics are sourced to ensure that every garment has a distinctive handwriting which is synonymous with the Ministry of style – bebe Sydney brand.

Ministry of style- Bebe Sydney embraces distinct styling trends, combining casual, sassy street-wear, party dresses and lots of embellishments.

The Ministry of style girl is identified by her flirty, feminine and fun charismatic style. She is inspiring to be around and she loves to be recognised for her fashion sense.

She wants to be seen in her fashion forward attire and isnt afraid to stand out from the crowd. She works hard and plays hard.

We love the Ministry of style girl for all her enthusiasm , confidence & fresh persona.


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Asilio is architecturally strong, a brand dedicated to modern graphic elegance and beauty.

Setting precedence for visionary designs with directional prints and unique fabrications, the oesthetic is a collision of contrasted and refined femininity.

With a strong focus on artistic capsules that influence and contradict, the brand continues to grow with unique handwriting that is passed on through each collection. High quality campaign imagery and magazine style look books are a visual trademark and create a farsighted experience, which chronicles the progression of the brand.

The face and creative mind behind Asilio is Cynthia Farchione, who has 12 years of industry expertise in retail, design and fashion. She has crafted her own unique design signature and encapsulates the qualities needed for predicting trend progression and harnesses the innate ability to turn statement pieces into wardrobe must haves.


Bless’ed are the Meek strive to deliver covetable collections that always explore the label’s subtly moody signature.

The small creative team are based in Sydney and are constantly refining their vision to deliver effortlessly sexy pieces that feature graphic artisan details on modern luxe fabrications.

The subtle luxury of each item is at once both unique and personal.

It is an aesthetic that has garnered a band of loyal followers in countries around the world with the label now stocked in over 300 premium retailers globally.


In stark contrast to the Bless’ed are the Meek main line, B.C. (an acronym for Basic Collection), embraces the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic that is prevalent in Scandinavian design.

B.C. is about providing wearers with staple pieces that can be mixed seamlessly into their existing wardrobe or simply worn with ease on their own.

The concept is not about creating another basics range, but to provide a base collection that can be easily integrated with the Bless’ed are the meek main line.

There are no jeans or denim jackets, just modern, polished, on-trend shapes that work for everybody, everyday.


Grace & Hart is the perfect fit for formals, weddings, bridesmaids, balls, and any special occasion when you want to stand out in a sensational designer gown.